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Anarchist Manifesto's

Offered for those of you that are actual anarchist or who are interested in actual anarchy.  Not Just those of you who go around blowing shit up

The Crypto Anarchist Manifesto "...when you want to smash the State, everything looks like a hammer." 
By:  Timothy C. May
An Anarchist Manifesto "'Control' of the state is an illusion which corrupts all revolutionaries."
By: Rob Sparrow
An Anarchist Manifesto "Free speech--almost the only part of British liberty that can be of any use to the people--is denied to us in many instances, as the events of the last few years have shown."
By: THE LONDON Anarchist Communist Alliance

How To Books

This shit is not given too you so you can go out and fuck up your neighbor or some other guy you got a problem with this knowledge is given too you cause the fucking government says you cant know this cause they are afraid that if enough of us get together with this knowledge and some dangerous weapons we could fuck then over.  So it is with their fear in mind that I give u this shit not so that you strike out against the dick next door but so you'll have the knowledge to murder the government... 

TerroristHandBook Every Thing the perspective anarchist/terrorist needs to know 181kb
AnarchistCookBook The one the only, The biggest damn book in my selection
WeekendViolence Some funny shit...first anarchist txt I ever read 6kb

Misc. Texts

Bill Of No Rights "You don't have the right to demand that our children risk their lives in foreign wars to soothe your aching conscience." 3kb
Don't Be Fooled "don't be fooled by those around you that wear that same color uniform"